A pleasant surprise.

Are we nearly there yet?
Mike & Sarah
Fri 23 Sep 2011 07:01
40:49.45N 09:40.95E
16th september 2011
Moving one bay SW, but still within Porto Brindinghi, we again anchored off a similar but somewhat longer beach to that of the previous day. A short trip ashore via the beach proved uneventful and not of any particular interest, but as we needed some provisions and to get rid of some rubbish, decided to take the tender around the next point to where a marina, Marina di Puntaldia was located. What a gem this turned out to be. Not a big marina (380 berths), but immaculate in its design, surrounded by a variety of villas and apartments. More to the point, it was alive and well. We were welcome to tie up our tender close to the small array of shops, which could certainly supply everyday needs and some luxury clothes items too, if desired.  A couple of cafes and restaurants provided good coffee and ice creams at a reasonable price too. The whole place had a relaxed air of conviviality which enveloped one like a cloak. Everywhere, people were smiling and offering courtesy. When we filled up our spare fuel tanks for the outboard engine, all of 10 litres of "benzina", we were treated with the same friendly courtesy as if we had just asked for 10,000 litres. So I take back some of my comments on the remoteness of the atmosphere of the Costa Smeralda. There are some jewels, but one has to search for or happen upon them.  
Looking at the weather forecasts, it appears as if another Mistral is due, so decide to put out another 15 meters of anchor chain and stay where we are. We can see through the clear water that the anchor is well set in the sandy seabed and the nearest shore, 150 meters to our NW (from where the Mistral will blow) will ensure that there is little fetch to allow any significant waves to form. Happiness is knowing that our boat's secure. So we will stay here and see the storm out and use the time to formulate a plan to get us to Sicily.