29/06/18 Change of Plan

Saro's Gyda
Derrick Thorrington
Sun 8 Jul 2018 15:57
Although we had abaondoned the OCC Azores Rally through lack of wind, we still had a desire to see some of the islands. At this point we were poised behind Finisterre and the wind had suddenly started blowing beautifully from the NE in a very settled manner. Unfortunately, the following day we had some bad news from home and felt that we needed to be more on hand should it be necessary to return quickly. A quick look at the Biscay forecast and we were off. Not to the Azores, but to Scilly, 450NM to the north!
The passage was variable with winds mainly from northerly and westerly directions so alot of the time we were close hauled but making fast progress. Once again we were accompanied for a large portion of time by playful common dolphins. Always lovely to see. We arrived 3 1/2 days later in the mist, just making out the Bishop lighthouse at end of the western rocks. We followed the coast around St Mary's to one of our favourite anchorages, Watermill Cove and settled in for a well deserved sleep.
I needed to get home, the flights were all cancelled for the next 2 days due to the forecast of poor visibility. There was space on the Scillonian ferry for the next 2 days but this didn't get into Penzance until the evening, leaving insuffiecient time to get home by train. We decided to sail. The wind was good so we sailied on the evening tide and anchored off Penzance just before midnight. The following morning D dropped me off on the quay. He then returned to Scilly for a few days whilst I went home by rail. (Travel is so much easier in a country that you know!)
After 5 days apart we decided to rendezvous at Padstow. D started from St Ives at mid morning and I started from home at the same time. A car, 3 trains and a bus later, I arrived in Padstow at exactly the same time as D. The travel was completed by a dinghy ride to Saro's Gyda, anchored in the beautiful sandy Camel Estuary.
The Camel Estuary from Pentire Head
Although the estuary is beautiful and Padstow itself it very quaint, we felt that it was spoiled by its reputation of being the "Place to go" for food by Rick Stein. It was very busy and seemed to have lost it's character being full of the normal shops (all my favourites, I have to admit) such as Seasalt, Joules, Crew etc and a host of souvenir/tack shops. We decided to go over Doom Bar early and anchor off the surfing mecca of Polzeath. There was no surf of course as the wind was in the east.
Polzeath minus surf
Thank goodness for paddle boards. Holiday makers at Polzeath were still having a lovely time on the water!
Since arriving back in the UK the previous week, we had had wall to wall sunshine. So beautiful compared to N Spain. We made the most of the weather with a lovely walk around Pentire Point, followed by a Pasty, and (only me of course) a swim back to the boat.
Pentire Head looking towards the "Rumps". (A certain person found this name appealing!)
Ahh. (I WAS sitting on a lower rock!)