Saro's Gyda
Derrick Thorrington
Sun 5 Dec 2010 22:44

We had a lovely few days anchored off the little bays and beaches off Papagayo point on the south coast of Lanzarote. Beautiful waters for swimming and snorkelling. Lots of fish especially stripy Dorado, renamed “Crunchy Fish” due to the sound that can be heard through the hull when they are feeding on mussels! We seem to have a habit of anchoring off nudist beaches and here was no exception. I suppose that, like us, they prefer the more remote places. We have become quite immune!

Due to an ongoing problem, we have been forced to return home for a couple of weeks to sort it out. It is a shock to the system to go from the high 20’s to minus numbers virtually all the time! It has been lovely however to see the family and catch up properly with everyone.

We had booked to fly out of Gatwick at the end of the week and guess what happened!!! We are now rebooked on a flight on Tues 7th am and hope to get away this time as long as the weather and ATCs of Spain comply with our wishes!