Saro's Gyda
Derrick Thorrington
Mon 11 Jun 2018 16:36
Despite the poor visibility the wind had been blowing constantly and fairly hard from the NE throughout our time in France.
We had to wait for a few hours to leave Oessant due to thick fog but eventually it cleared briefly so that we could see our way out between the rocks. No sooner had we ecxtricated ourselves than the fog came back, thicker than ever. We did however have an excellent wind with which to sail and enjoyed a fast passage to Camaret. The fog soon cleared, the wind did as predicted and started to blow from the SW and we finished our trip in rain.
Picking up a visitors buoy outside the harbour proved challenging in the wind and tide and we repaired inside for a British cuppa waiting for the rain to stop.
We love Camaret. It has small narrow streets, lots of artists' shops and galleries, a picturesque harbour with a Vauban tower and several interesting old fishing boats decaying artistically on the beach. It also has an excellent Super U Supermarche.
We spent the next day enjoying this lovely place and had an enjoyable walk around the Crozon Peninsula taking in the various wartime monuments which remembered the Battle of the Atlantic, this being so close to Brest.
Harbour Wall, Camaret
Vauban Tower