Saro's Gyda
Derrick Thorrington
Wed 13 Jun 2018 15:50
La Coruna
The forecast for this passage of about 30 miles was for strong SW or W winds. Exactly where we were heading! We battened down the hatches, heaved the dinghy aboard, made coffee and picnic lunches and then, well prepared for whatever the Atlantic wanted to throw at us, set off for Coruna.The wind was rather ficke in direction and strength and the sea particularly lumpy. We made good progress however until entering the Ria de Coruna where the wind decided to head us no matter. After tacking to and fro for what seemed ages and making no progress, D decided to motor the last 1/2 (to my relief)! Having been severely buffeted about and showered on for most of the day it was bliss to settle down, out of the wind with a welcome cup of tea.
Of the four nights that we spent here, only one was in the marina and this was useful for fuel and laundry. Otherwise we were anchored in a broad sandy bay, excellent for swimming come rain or shine. The weather was generally poor with 2 full days of heavy rain and heavy showers and cool weather otherwise.
The original part of La Coruna is very splendid with tall balconied buildings, a huge square off of which run tiny narrow streets. The waterfront has just been updated and gives a spacious promenade where families and people of all ages were enjoying the ambiance. The first lighthouse was built here by the Romans and is still in use today. Definately worth a visit.
The main square
Galician rowing boat out training. (We became the turning point!)