Saro's Gyda
Derrick Thorrington
Sat 9 Jun 2018 18:58
Worbarrow Bay
The alarm was set fr 0450 to make an early start on the tide. This had to coordinate with a little bit of light in the sky to negotiate all the lobster pots off Christchurch and Hengistbury Head. Thankfully we didn't get hitched on one. This is more of a concern for me (Ali) as I am designated "Ships Diver" (one of many titles) and am usually despatched overboard to sort out the mess.
There was no wind so we motored all the way to Worbarrow in the Purbecks for a 4 hour interlude to await the favourable tide to round Portland Bill.
Derrick occupied himself with little jobs whilst I experimented with watercolour pencils and practiced the cello.A most profitable stopover!