Wednesday 8th June

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Wed 8 Jun 2011 10:59
45:30.0N 014:59.2W   1145BST
Morning all,
For the first time on this race we have a little patch of light wind, it is currently blowing about 3-5kts from the North-West.  While that’s not great for racing it does give mark and I a bit of a rest and a chance to dry out the boat.  The first few days have been pretty hard for both the boat and crew and this little respite is very welcome – along as it doesn’t last too long.
Looking at the Gribs from MailASail and the forecast from it looks like the wind will kick in this afternoon, 12-15kts from the N-E again will be lovely.  I’m not 100% sure how we are doing against the other competitors but I’m pretty sure we are the furthest West.  The routing was taking into account the earlier forecasts that the wind would go around to the west on Tuesday/Wednesday which it did for a time.  It’s possible that the wind may go SW by the weekend so being out to the west will give us the advantage of a freer/easier final stretch into the Island.
Thanks to everyone for the messages via email and SMS, really appreciate them and lifts the spirits when we are feeling exhausted.  Mark and I have both felt that this trip has been a little harder than we expected but that is partly down to how long it took to get our sea legs. 
Those at home will be pleased to hear that Humph is having fun and the naught duck has not yet been banished to the forepeak.  Wendy (the WindPilot) has also been singing to us so we don’t feel along on the graveyard watch.
That’s enough for now, we need to get our damp clothes, cushions and sleeping bags out into the sun while we can.   I guess I didn’t quite fix all the leaks I hoped I had.
George and Mark.