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George Isted
Fri 3 Jun 2011 13:26
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Message from 2/6/11 2300hrs...



Mark and I are now well installed on Concerto in Falmouth and are finishing of preparations for the start on Saturday. 


Lovely sunny day in Falmouth today perfect for cracking on with the many small jobs to be completed.  Among other things we have reorganised and stowed the food, sorted the grab bag, filled up the diesel, put the dodgers and lee-cloths on and dropped our premade meals for the first few days in a friends freezer.


According to Simon Keeling at SWIS it looks like we are in for a brisk North to N-E breeze for the first few days at least and there is a reasonable chance it will last well into next week.  Time will tell but we will certainly be off and away into the deep water beyond the continental shelf quickly.


A quick thanks to all the well wishers, text messages, called and emails of support have been great!


TTFN, Concerto

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