22nd June - Leg 2, first 24 hours

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Wed 22 Jun 2011 10:56
39:14.6N 026:16.6W
It’s great to be underway and even better to be making our way back to see our families at home!
The 24hrs leading up the the start were rather frustrating and stressful as we had an on-going “discussion” with our insurance company about the repairs done in Ponta Delgada, in the end it all worked out fine but we only had confirmation about 3 hours before the start.  Big thanks to Jeremy Rogers for his call to me and email to the insurers.
The start of Leg 2 was fantastic, a good breeze of 20 kts and bright, warm sunshine.   The three Contessa 32s started altogether with Carolina just beating Caprice and ourselves to the start line, we then all beat east up the coast to a turning mark 1.7 miles away before turning back to the west.  I thought there would be a split between boats going east or west-about the island but in the end all boats headed west.
Concerto had a good night in the light airs (6-9kts) and overtook a number of boats in Class one and a few in class 2 which was very pleasing.  According to the gribs yesterday the wind is doing to die-off to nothing soon before building from the South-South West.
At the moment Carolina is 2nm to the west of us and Caprice is a little way behind.
ttfn, G & M