Re: 27th June - Leg 2, from no wind to lots...

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Tue 28 Jun 2011 10:06
47:40.5N 011:58.4W at 1056BST
It has been a relatively easy 24 hours on port tack, initially the wind was at approximately 45 deg off the bow but has been on the beam for the last 10 hours.   Wendy the windpilot has needed lots of attention to keep us on a course of 060-070 as she wanders around during gusts and then holes in the wind.   Generally the wind has been around 10-14kts (True).
I gather that there have been some reports of gusts and rough seas, we had a big line of cloud come over last night and I shortened sail expecting some breeze but the pressure was increasing rather than decreasing and the wind backed without anything else coming from it. 
Had another big whale surface last night on our port side, it only came up once to blow and was probably 15+ meters long at a guess.  Also found out our Yellowbrick tracker has died and the folks at race control have asked to be sent position reports so they can update the tracker manually.
Mark and I are fine, both developing a bit of a chesty cough possibly from the damp boat but otherwise fine.
ttfn  G and M