Monday 6th - No work for Mark and I

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Mon 6 Jun 2011 11:45
48:11.5N 010:24.8W
At last, Mark and I are rediscovering our sea legs and able to tuck into some decent food.  Sunday evening and night were pretty hard work as we were just coming off the continental shelf with 25kts of breeze and the atlantics swell was not doing us many favours as the depth of water went from 2000m to 200m. 
We seem to have a problem with our AIS system, Carolina (and others) have only been picking up an intermittent signal from us.  Also the AIS screen has come up with some error messages around an antenna problem.   I have remade the connection onto the back of the set but the problem persists.  I may have to fit a replacement antenna when we get to the Azores.
We have some lovely sun at the moment with is charging the batts but next to no wind, only about 5kts from the SW but there is a weather front near by that we think is causing this. 
ttfn, Concerto