25th June - Leg 2

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Sat 25 Jun 2011 09:10
44:12N 19:36W at 1010BST
Morning All,
My birthday is not until tomorrow but it seems as thought it came a little early as I’m told that the AZAB tracker is showing Concerto as being in first place for Class 1!!  However we are not quite halfway back so there is still a long way to go and we are trying not to push the boat (and ourselves) too hard.  Carolina is also up in the top three so overall the Contessa 32s are putting on a good show.
The Spinnaker came down last night at about midnight as it was starting to get uncomfortable on board and we wanted to put a bit more north in our course, it had been up for around 36hrs so probably earned a rest.  The guy was starting to chafe a wee bit but not too bad.
Looking at the Gribs the forecast is for the wind to go around to the North tonight or tomorrow but the dead patch that we were concerned about has moved further south of us which is good news.  I expect we will put the small kite back up and make the most of these S-SW winds while we have them.  I will log back on later to pick up a forecast from Simon at SWIS to see if he agrees with the Gribs.
Second bit of good news is that my Mailasail is working correctly after swapping out my ebay USB/Serial converter for a decent one borrowed from Dave on Carolina.  we will now do our best to keep the blog up to date.
That’s all for now as the sun has just come out and we need to go play with flappy things on deck.   It was a very warm day yesterday so we are hoping to a slightly cooler one today.
Over and out.
G & M