Re: 29th June - Leg 2, 129nm to Manacles

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George Isted
Wed 29 Jun 2011 17:32
48:53.8N 007:47.2W
second report of the day!  mostly because we are excited to be so close to home.
Mark has his pinny on and cooking dinner while I trim and keep and eye on the course that wendy is steering.
No dolphins yet today but we did find a small fish on deck a little earlier.  As we are now back on the continental shelf there is a lot more shipping around so we are going to have to get used to being extra vigilant again.
If (when) Carolina make it in before us I hope they remember to bring the cold beers to the boat when we arrive.  I expect we will head back into Pendennis marina on arrival.
From: Concerto
Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 9:34 AM
Subject: 29th June - Leg 2, 182nm to Manacles
48:24.9N 008:55.7W at 0923BST
From the radio chatter is sounds like Carolina, Franglais, BladeRunner and Concerto all have roughly the same distance to go.  All quiet from Strategem who are either well in the lead or just keeping quiet on the radio to keep their game plan a secret.
All fine aboard for the last 24 hours, the small spinnaker went up again yesterday afternoon as the seas had flattened down a bit.   We have been frustrated with the kite and getting a decent course out of Wendy as we had a beam-on sea that was knocking us about.  It was much more successful last night and we made some good progress.
The kite came back down again at 0800 as while Mark was on watch the wind has shifted a bit more around to the north and the best we could make was 090-100 which was not great.  So we are now back to white sails and plugging on at the best speed we can make.
Not long to go now with 182nm to the manacles buoy and only a few miles on from there to Falmouth.  Will be checking the weather in a bit but I’m hoping yesterdays forecast for light northerlies has changed as that could give us a slow finish.
We had two great shows from the dolphins yesterday who played with the boat, jumping out of the water and darting in and out of the bow-wave. 
bye for now. G&M