23nd June - Leg 2, another day in the atlantic

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Thu 23 Jun 2011 10:08
40:44.8N 24:23.2W
After two nights at sea we are back to our normal routine on-board and settled into the watch system.   We are being a bit more relaxed about the watch system this time to allow whoever is in most need of down-time to get a bit of extra sleep and this seems to be helping.
We had the Spinnaker up for the frist time yesterday, we could see Carolina coming up from behind with her big pink kite and we thought it best to do the same.  It came down again at about 21.30 as there were some black clouds coming up but I believe Carolina kept going with it overnight.
We are now shooting along under full main and genoa with 14-18kts of breeze on the starboard quarter and making 6-7kts directly for Falmouth.  Unless the wind drops off I expect we will stay with white sails as managing the spinnaker singlehanded can be hard work.
I spoke with Equilibrium this morning at 0530, they asked me to forward a message to race control as they have had some electrical problems and lost all power.  They have a H/H VHF and GPS and are returning to Ponta Delgada for repair.
Mark and I are both fine, reasonably rested and well fed.