Wednesday 15th June - Concerto Retires

Concerto's Azab Blog
George Isted
Wed 15 Jun 2011 11:39
38:48.8N 023:01.8W   1230BST
Unfortunately we have had to retire from leg one of the AZAB, time was running out as is the wind with a very large high over the Azores.  Motoring to the finish was looking inevitable so we thought it best to arrive as soon as poss and give our selves a little time to fix a few items on the boat before leg two starts on the 21st.
Most of the repairs are pretty minor, replace a few ropes and fix some of the leaks.  We did suffer a little damage to the hull stringers on the port side causing the hull to flex more than it should, however I’m confident that we can get it repaired before leaving again although we will be doing our best not to fall off so many big waves.
Thanks for all the messages, we have had continuing email issues due to a crushed data cable but fingers crossed this will send.
Cheers for now,
Mark and George, tanning on Concerto 110 nm NE of Sao Miguel.