Oeiras, Lisbon

Sat 7 Sep 2013 20:53
38:40.6N 9:19.1W
A very good day’s sailing with the engine only used to leave and enter harbour, at last.
Initially 3 hours under the chute, until the combination of increasing wind and waves, and the autopilot being set on a too lazy response setting (operator error) caused the boat to turn across the wind and be substantially overpowered. After control had been regained and the cruising chute shoved into the forward cabin through the hatch, the fore sail was used in strengthening conditions.
Clansman’s speed record under my ownership was broken while rounding Cabo da Roca, the most Western part of mainland Europe. Cabo da Roca pic attached.
Oeiras Marina is about 10 miles west of Lisbon city centre, and is a very agreeable place with good facilities, shops, bars, restaurants and a large sandy beach adjacent. No ridiculous deposit for the card that lets you get on and off the pontoon was asked for here! I recommend.
Lazy day tomorrow, intending to move to a marina in the centre of Lisbon to arrange leaving the boat somewhere in the area for a few weeks.

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