Steady progress

Fri 11 Oct 2013 17:24
34:59N 13:01.3W
Good sailing conditions today, mostly broad reaching with F4 winds and slight seas, however, the winds have changed to be variable in strength and direction in the last few hours.
We are holding south east of the direct route hoping that retain some wind for longer. The Grib downloads are showing a ridge of high pressure with associated very light winds, advancing from the west, I expect we will have to motor the majority of the last 100 miles. Porto Santo, the small island 26 nm to the NE of Madeira is now 200 nm from us.
It’s been a relaxing day, we’ve all caught up on some sleep and Simon is getting used to the boat’s motion.
Seen the odd ship, one other yacht and several turtles that wallow on the surface without looking too concerned at a passing sailboat.
Obviously I was bored and decided to get the GoPro camera out!

JPEG image