Flat calm!

Sat 12 Oct 2013 17:32
33:42.2N 14:55.5W at 1800h.
I was optimistic yesterday when I said we would likely have to motor the last 100 miles, it is turning out to be the last 160.
The wind had become increasing light and variable last night and soon after midnight we gave up on trying to sail and kept the engine on continuously, at least with the first two days sailing we have plenty of fuel to reach Madeira.
The sea has been mostly ‘glassy’ today with a very low swells giving some gentle movement to the boat.
Earlier this afternoon we passed a seamount, where the depth of water reduces from over 4000m to just 86m, according to the chart.
Dolphins visited for a while around 5 p.m. and soon after they disappeared we thought it a good idea to stop to go for a swim.
The water is warm and it was quite an experience to go swimming wondering what lurks in the depths beneath!
We should be at the island of Porto Santo tomorrow morning and as the marina berth on Madeira is booked from Monday, I’ve arranged to stop on the smaller island overnight.

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