Spain to Portugal

Tue 3 Sep 2013 18:14
41:41.62N 8:49.3W
This part of the Atlantic Ocean was flat calm today, requiring us to motor South along the coast, which we did close in to admire the view.
At around 1200h we passed the Rio Mino mouth and entered Portugese waters, noticing that there were many large woodland fires on the hills ahead.
Soon after helicopters and 3 fixed wing aircraft were seen to be ‘bombing’ the fires with water. The fixed wing aircraft diving down to scoop up more seawater close to where we were sailing, it was quite a show!
Arriving at Viana do Castelo the marina was pronounced full and we were squeezed into a slot between two local fishing boats.
The Pilot book mentions the town’s long history, since roman times. In the 15th century it gained importance as one of the main ports from which Portuguese explorers set sail. And through the 16th century the town grew rich from trade with Brazil and from cod fishing on the Newfoundland Banks.  To be explored this evening.

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