Leaving Madeira

Mon 11 Nov 2013 17:58
33:01.8N 16:58W   1800h position
We left Quinta do Lorde Marina at 0945 this morning, heading for La Palma.
I’m with Camilla from Italy, we will be keeping watch 4 hours on and 4 off for the 2 days it will take to reach the destination.
Conditions are much as forecast, NE F5 (upper end) and waves up to 2.5m. We are sailing deep off the wind and making about 5.5 kts with half the foresail only. This speed is about right to arrive on Wednesday morning, any faster and we’d arrive before sunrise. Rolling quite a bit as you do when sailing this angle. The forecast shows a slow moderation.
No stomach to sort a pic out right now! but all well.