Towards La Coruna

Wed 28 Aug 2013 17:35
43:46N 6:58W
The visit to Gijon turned out to be interesting, as well as a welcome break from the gyrations of Biscay.
The local cider festival was in full swing and the place was buzzing in the evening with young and old out to enjoy.
Rodrigo was an excellent guide, often explaining what was going on and introducing us to local foods. The cider came in corked bottles and was served by the bar staff by pouring it from as high as possible into the glass which was held as low as possible, but without looking at the glass, quite a skill. This was to introduce air to the drink as it was otherwise flat.
Departed at 7am this morning with the intention of stopping at Rio de Ribadeo. After 10 miles the wind picked up and we decided to carry on to La Coruna, ETA around 9am tomorrow.
The sailing has been good and comfortable so far today with F4/5 well on the starboard quarter and only a 1m swell. Warm and sunny.
Pete caught a garfish while we were sailing, lucky for it we had already decided on the evening meal so it was returned to the sea. (pic)
Oh! ... just spotted my position error yesterday

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