Departure Lisbon

Wed 9 Oct 2013 17:02
38:30.1N 9:26.6W
1800h position.
It’s been a busy 24 hours. The boat was launched from Tagus Yacht Services late yesterday afternoon and then motored to Doca de Alcantara on the Lisbon side or the river, arriving at sunset.
Ernst and Simon joined around midday and, after a last dash to the supermarket and gas bottle shop, we decided to leave this afternooon. Departed Alcantara at 1330 and filled up with fuel at another marina before heading out at 1420.
In the pic, Ernst is in the centre and Simon on the right.
I have been concerned at the very light winds forecast for the next 5 days, but at this time we are beam reaching in 15 kts of wind, it’s warm, sunny and with a very slight sea, perfect!
Updates tomorrow.

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