A better day

Mon 26 Aug 2013 17:10
44:16N 5:56W
1800h BST position.
At 9am I made decision to make for Gijon on the north Spanish coast. Rodrigo called the port office on the sat phone to confirm we could stay and to clarify some points relevant to the entry.
This diversion was to avoid the higher winds and waves forecast for the A Coruna area. Thanks to Pete for the weather back up last night.
The previous 36 hours has been uncomfortable with swells combining to move the boat around unpleasantly. This afternoon brings excellent sailing conditions, sunny, a long swell and a quartering force 4.
and today we are all getting some decent rest and are starting to eat again!
Only 42 nm to Gijon but we will slow down soon to make a first light entry, already had one spell going slowly while we towed lures off the stern, fishing, but no success there.
Still trying to get a really good dolphin pic and will post if and when i get one.
Day of rest tomorrow, to continue west along the coast on Wednesday.