Boo Tiger Log 09/12/06

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Sat 9 Dec 2006 22:08
Saturday 9th Dec 2006 - Day 14

Clare writes:

So we should be there in 3 days on 12th Dec and it couldn't come any sooner.
The swell is making the journey extremely tedious and uncomfortable.
Apparently there is a storm brewing which is why it's getting so choppy but
we should miss it by a couple of days as we will be on land. Ha ha.

Today we all listened to Cher and Tina Turner albums (v v bored). We ate
spaghetti and have so far managed to avoid the dreaded cabbage!

I helmed and managed to stay on course. Georgia shaved her legs, Ruth and
Duncan topped the diesel up and Amy struggled to understand The Picture of
Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde.

Ruth found a dying cockroach so Amy put it out of its misery and turned off
the Cher CD.

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