Boo Tiger Log 7/12/2006

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Thu 7 Dec 2006 21:55
Thursday 7th Dec 2006 - Day 12
Amy writes:

Didn't write a log yesterday because we forgot! To be honest it would have been a struggle as so many squalls hit us (10 I think) so we were all preoccupied.

Georgia has apparently become the victim of a gypsy squall curse. The strongest always hit on her shift and it's funny to come up at the start of my shift to see her hunched over the helm wringing out her clothes like a little drowned rat (if rats wore clothes). It's miserable doing night shifts in heavy weather.

Today has been much better. Clear skies and nice and sunny but with a bit of cross swell which can catch you by surprise.

I keep waking up thinking I've fallen asleep on deck during my shift and start to panic. Just anxiety dreams but I think it's part of the odd sleep patterns as everyone else has reported similar things in the mornings.

Only 5 days til we get there by our calculations so we're all getting excited. Hopefully as we get closer to land we'll see some dolphins. They've been a bit shy this trip.