Boo Tiger Log 5/12/06

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Wed 6 Dec 2006 12:54
Day 10 - 5th Dec 2006
Clare writes
Wind and waves are the biggest so far today, which means we are getting good
speeds. Georgia 'the whirlwind' super helm managed to hit 39knots of wind
and 15.5knots of speed & hopes her sailing buddies reading this are suitably
impressed (show off!). We figured out that is approx the speed of a heavily
loaded tractor!
Whilst having lunch today Amy pointed and with a big grin on her face said
oh look at that big wave. The grin was wiped off her face when the boat went
into a broach (massive sideward spin) and lunch went everywhere as everyone
tried to hang on. It was like riding in the teacups only a little scarier.
Thanks to Duncan and Georgia's superior helming, although the ride gets
slightly uncomfortable, it is totally safe.
Managed to avoid a few squalls (small storm) today. Hopefully that will
continue however more wind is coming out the boat thanks to Amy's bottom. We
deduce that she is rotten inside. she agrees.
Whilst in harbour a month ago the workmen unplugged the freezer and left the
food to rot in there. As a result it was swarming with maggots and
cockroaches by the time Ruth got to Gran Canaria mid November. We de-bugged
the boat but recently at sea have seen a couple of cockroaches and people
are getting worried. Ruth spent the day de-cockraching the boat by speeding
powder and paste
everywhere. Those pesky critters aren't getting a free ride with us!
Even though the wind speeds and waves have increased we seemed to get a
decent night sleep for a change.