Boo Tiger log Sunday 3/11/2006

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Mon 4 Dec 2006 12:54
Sunday 3/11/2006
Amy writes:

Another day another window to open on our Pirates of the Caribbean advent
calendar. It was a pirate (shocker) and the chocolate was shaped like a
Christmas pudding which has nothing to do with pirates or the Caribbean.
Clare is disheartened by her purchase as she says the chocolate is not up to
scratch. I like's chocolate after all.

We are under relentless attack from kamikaze flying fish. They strike only
at night and try to hit Clare. Sometimes they succeed but most of the time
they get caught behind the netting and can't get back in the water. Sometimes they even fly into the saloon through the open hatches! Yesterday the body count on deck was 4, today 3. I feel really sorry for them but we save the ones we can even though they make your hands stink when you touch them.

It's been quite rough since we hit the trade winds early yesterday. Everyone
is sliding around the boat and meal times are a test of who can get more
food in their mouth than on the table.

A fellow ARC yacht called Mustang was dismasted last night so we were on our
way to help out but Petite Lune are a bit closer so they are heading for it
instead. Everyone on board is fine but they're left drifting and probably
very pissed off.

As on our Bay of Biscay trip Clare and I have resorted to wearing men's
deodorant. It's the only thing that can take the pace out here! We all
stink. I don't know where sailing gets its glamorous image. We look like a
bunch of tramps who've stolen a boat.

Anyway, until the next time, ta ta. x