Boo Tiger log 27/11/06

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Tue 28 Nov 2006 13:54
Monday 27th November 2006

Georgia writes:

Well, we're now underway and St Lucia-bound! The start yesterday was great -
10-15kts of wind giving a nice spinniker run (ours is orange and black with
a paw-print). We've had lovely conditions since, sunny and calm with about
15kts of wind. The only downers have been getting into the night-shift pattern and the constant big rolling swell which has made us all feel pretty ill. On that note, better sign off now!

Amy writes:

After the excitement of the start of the race yesterday we are all really
bored today.

Georgia is trying to pour water from a 5 litre bottle into 5 smaller bottles
and has fashioned a device out of more bottles and duct tape (which wont
work but I'm not telling her that yet). Duncan is helming us off course to
catch some more wind (which wont work but I'm not telling him that yet).
Clare is trying to shave her legs (as above) and Mum is asleep.

Yesterday we wore tiger ears, tails and bow ties for the start line. Clare
wore her eye patch and a bandana so she looked like a pirate. I've never
been so close to so many boats not even in the Solent! It was an amazing
sight looking across at the yachts with their spinnaker's up then back to
the land where hundreds of locals lined the harbour walls waving to us all.

However, today we are BORED.

Post-Script: The bottle filling device did work.....I'm an engineering
genius! Georgia