Boo Tiger Log 01/12/06

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Fri 1 Dec 2006 21:29
1st Dec 2006 - Day 6
Clare writes:
Adventure and High Jinx.
Last night was an eventful one, starting with a sail change which took
nearly two hours, resulted in my second rope burn, Duncan being sandwiched
between mast and pole and Georgia almost going for an evening swim.
Finally we got some wind and were motoring along nicely, until we went
through a school of flying fish Three of which needed emergency assistance,
a job I bravely stepped up for while Georgia and Duncan squealed and flapped
there arms!
Wind dropped again this morning so motored all day. V. frustrating.
Ate soup for lunch, cooked by Amy V.Nice. Dinner was v. nice, Moroccan
chicken cooked by Georgia eaten by everyone but me. Instead I went for a
frozen lasagne I had been eyeing up for days. Unfortunately as it was
written in Spanish it turned out to be made of Tuna and tasted like a fart
covered in a frothy cheese sauce.