Boo Tiger Log 30/11/2006

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Fri 1 Dec 2006 12:39
Thursday 30/11/2006
Amy writes:
Today we overtook the 100ft racing super yacht Fantasticaaa. I'd like to say
it was due to our amazing and unmatchable sailing skills but that would be a
total lie. We were becalmed so started the engine and, as racing class
boats like Fantasticaaa are disqualified for starting their engines, they
must wait until the wind picks up. As a cruising yacht we are allowed to
have engine time but will be penalised for it.not that we'll be bothered
because we'll be there quicker!
The weather changed completely today. No wind and very, very hot. So much so
that it is becoming more difficult to sleep down below. Soon we will all be
in hammocks on deck. At least then we may escape the ghost of Kenneth
The water has gone from an English grey to a Tropics azure and it's really
warm and lovely.
Georgia and Clare saw a yacht with nobody on deck last night heading for us.
Georgia radioed them to see if they were ok and, having obviously woken them
up, got a curt response. I can't believe people put autohelm on and go to
sleep with nobody on watch. They must be bored and trying to add a little
danger to the event or are so knackered they don't care anymore.
Tomorrow I might wash my smalls but that's another day so until then, lots
of love from the crew on board Boo Tiger to their friends and family. xx