Boo Tiger Log 11/12/2006

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Mon 11 Dec 2006 23:45
11th Dec 2006 - Day 16

Amy and Clare Write
Nearly there! Only 157 nautical miles as I write so should arrive 6pm-ish
Clare and I watched I Spy tonight and made ourselves feel sick. Georgia made
a chicken dinner. Ruth made a HUGE lunch. Duncan didn't make the boat go
fast enough! All in all a boring day but we don't care because we're nearly
Still no whales or dolphins. Looks unlikely that we will see anything now.
Its like we have been staring the door of a secret world for weeks now and
still not discovered the secret handshake to let us in.
Can't believe that we have spent 16days cooped up on the boat. It seems like
a lifetime. We're all clock watching Trying to figure out exactly when we
will get in and hoping it will be in daylight. Although the wind has dropped
again so unless we can catch some tonight it looks likely we will get there
after dark!
One last night shift, which we are just about to start, and we should see
land in the morning. Cant wait. Very Exciting...

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