Boo Tiger Log 29/11/06

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Wed 29 Nov 2006 20:26
Day 4 - 29th November 2006 by Clare

What an exciting day!
Started with a bit of fishing. We had three catches, 1st - got away 2nd - got away with bait and 3rd - Was a bird!!!! (who was fine and flew away) So fishing rods were put away.
Today was shower day. Everyone managed to get one apart from Duncan and I, as the generator and therefore water maker stopped working. This is now fixed so hopefully tomorrow we can smell of medicated vosine shampoo too.
I think the madness has already started. I woke up this morning to the usual creaking and moaning from the cabin, but also what sounded like a man repeatedly saying erm, erm and dogs barking! In addition to this an old favourite is back, The ghost of Kenneth Williams, who was Oooohing with us all the way across Biscay has returned with vengeance.
Anyway we are finally getting some sense that we are getting closer. Even today has been very slow, arranging about 3-5kts due to no wind, we have managed to cross the tropic of Cancer.