Boo Tiger Log 10/12/2006

Boo Tiger
Ruth Elliott-Smith
Sun 10 Dec 2006 21:53
Sunday 10/12/06 - Day 15

Amy and Clare write (whilst Duncan watched):
Today we are all starting to go a little crazy!! Seeing Elvis in the clouds
kinda crazy! Pretending to be T-Rexs in a rolling boat below deck kinda
crazy (see photo)!
Whilst Ruth was attempting to fish at 8 knots (we're still yet to catch anything other than a seagull) we noticed a huge yacht on the
horizon but we're still trying to figure out whether it's an Arc boat or
not. Probably radio and chat to them later.
Georgia didn't do her cleaning on deck today and so we're debating whether
to kick her over. She has feet like a badger.
Soooo, 2 DAYS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan washed his shirt and shorts and keeps asking us all to touch them.
He's a perv but a clean one.
We are knackered and going mad. We are also sailing, we are sailing, cross
the Atlantic to St Lucia. We are sailing we are sailing and we're mad as

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