I have just noticed the time, 06.07, that's quite a surprise, it's daylight, it feels later. We were up very early, 4 am, to get the tide right for both leaving Lossiemouth and to get up to Inverness. Just out of the harbour we we were greeted by a pair of bottle-nosed dolphins, who seemed pleased to have some company so early in the morning, and treated us to a little display of jumping, showing off and riding the bow-wave. There are 190 dolphins in the Moray Firth, all individually identifiable and named and monitored.
The Moray Firth has been a revelation, so beautiful. Our arrival coincided with a dramatic rise in temperature which has been particularly welcome, the little harbours of Whitehills, Portsoy etc. the stunning long, pristine beach of Lossiemouth, which we ran and walked along, paddled in the sea and even took a, very brief, skinny-dip in yesterday afternoon!
We walked to Spey Bay yesterday, a long walk to visit the Dolphin Centre, where we didn't see any dolphins but did see an osprey! A first for both of us. We planned to bus back, except that an inadequate amount of planning had been done and it was another 5 miles of walking to the bus stop, whoops!
On Wednesday we had had a fantastic sail to Lossie, just 22 miles, a fetch, 25-30 knots of breeze, 2 reefs in the main and half of the genoa out, smashing. Today it's flat calm and we're motoring, hey-ho.
We're looking forward to reaching Inverness where we will be meeting up with Sam Barker, Gina's son. We have the offer of a night on a mooring that belongs to friends of his, on the Beauly Firth. It sounds idyllic, a night on a mooring is always special, away from the hustle and bustle of marinas.
Joe will be joining us tomorrow for a week, he's flying in first thing, we will celebrate, yesterday he passed his recruitment test, the first stage of joining his brother in a career the Navy!

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