Arrived at 0730 this morning. We are in North Yorkshire!
It was quite an experience getting here, 26 hours of motoring as wind too light for sailing, sea conditions were very calm and kind to us. Wind picked up at about 04.30 but still on the nose so still no sails. We bumped a lobster pot buoy at one point, they are completely invisible to us at night and quite a worry, don't like to think of the potential consequences of a rope round the prop., fortunately we got away with it, but were so pleased when dawn arrived and we could spot the blighters.
We tied up in marina so tired we weren't quite sure what to do with ourselves, so took our wobbly sea-legs for a stroll around the town looking for a breakfast that would satisfy a Joe sized appetite. Sadly, Scarborough had nothing open that came close, so back to the boat for mum's best effort, seemed to hit the spot, we all fell into our bunks for a sound 3 hours sleep.
It's now 2pm and we're rested, ready to give Scarborough our best shot, to start with there's a big hill with a castle on top that's looking very inviting.

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