Our 4th day in Whitby and our last. A yacht with mast needs to exit the river from the marina through the swing bridge, which only opens on the hour and half hour, 2 hours either side of high tide. We were planning to go through early on Wednesday, 5am start, when we suddenly realised we could leave at 2pm on Tuesday and get to Hartlepool in good time which is what we have done and we get a lay-in tomorrow.
We loved Whitby and will definitely return, unfortunately Chris has been poorly the whole time! He's tried really hard to make the most of it but he's struggled. He's now on first name terms with the local pharmacist and has introduced him to some slightly more adventurous over-the-counter drug combinations!
The town of Whitby is pretty; narrow cobbled paths and the famous donkey track which leads from the top of the hill near the Abbey, down to the beach, the quirky little cottages, pubs, harbour, fishing boats, Whitby has it all, and then there's the countryside.... The coast path, I had an amazing run this morning, past the Abbey and south, hardly saw a soul, then turned inland across a couple of sheep fields and back home along the Cinder Track to the viaduct, breathtakingly beautiful.
Speaking of the Cinder Track, we cycled along it to Robin Hood's Bay yesterday, it was brilliant, pretty much flat once you climb the 400+ feet to reach it. We had lunch in a pub on the harbour by the log fire.
Motor-sailed up to Hartlepool this afternoon, (still not enough wind) there's a Royal Naval museum, with a fully restored 200 year old warship here, HMS Trincomalee which We'll visit before setting sail for Blyth tomorrow.

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