Fwd: Big Birthday

Joe left us today to head back to Suffolk, so for the time being it's just the 2 of us. We had a lovely last evening with him, a delicious meal out in Whitby, there's lots of eateries, most of them fish and chips, we went to The White Horse and Grffin, looked like something from Harry Potter, but great local, seasonal produce, fish, of course, and Joe had steak.
Chris didn't have a great night and Joe went out this morning with a list of medicines to buy from the pharmacy. Having got presents and medication sorted Chris settled down for a snooze and Joe caught the 12.18 train to Leeds, a 4 hour journey stopping everywhere on route, 17 stops to Middlesbrough, I think it's more of a tourist route than commuter! I travelled with him for a few stops disembarking at Grosmont to walk the Esk Valley route back to Whitby, about 6 miles. Very beautiful, very muddy, very wet. Mud to the top of my boots and slippy too, if I'd had a pair of scissors I would have snipped my fringe right off I was so fed up with wet hair flapping in my eyes. I encountered a range of meteorological conditions on my way ranging from sunshine and pleasant warmth, to sleet, rain, brief snow and plenty of bitter North wind, is it really mid April?
The medication and rest seem to be doing the trick and Chris seemed a little better this evening. He had been warned by Joe that if I were to suggest that a walk might perk him up and do him the power of good he were to resist at all costs, implying that I would take him on some sort of route-march, cheeky monkey! Anyway we did have a walk, just to the end of the harbour, wild, windy and bitter out there so we didn't last long.
Now snuggled up in our bunks, the boat has heating so we are warm enough, but it's switched off at night so it's a matter of as many layers as you can find, my bed has a duvet, 2 blankets and a sail cover, the latter a stroke of genius, not what you'd call "breathable", but keeps me warm!
We hope to make our way down to Robin Hood's Bay as soon as Chris is up to it, there's a cycle path along the old railway track but maybe wait til the Northerly gales have subsided. We're in no hurry to leave this beautiful corner of England. X

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