Last Fastnet

Basil Panakis
Tue 8 Jul 2014 06:28
46:02N 12:59W
It was a hard day yesterday. A second French yacht approached from the port quarter, no MMSI, no bleep on the RTE, so I called them to make sure they had seen me. Husband a wife on the way to Brittany. Apparently there is a third French boat following them. Had a long chat with the guy, he offered help with the weather etc...Good of them but I had my weather fax. Later when they switched their AIS on I saw their number started with 227...FLORES, I believe from Camaret.
1999 was the last one, again on Knight School with John C, a guy John called prat, a diplomat who new Brian from the British Council in Athens when they were serving together back in Lesotho. There wasn't anything memorable other than that we had yellow sweat shirts.
I was supposed to have done the 2001 for Terry of Drake's Drum, but I had an operation on my hand (trigger finger) and did not want to push it. So I had to say no.
Even the wind generator had enough, Rutland 504, it turns and nods its head but will not spin. So it must have happened during the night. Must have a loose screw. I checked the regulator it shows amber, OK for the moment. No more music though as it drains the batteries very quickly.