Saturday 24-5-14

Basil Panakis
Sat 24 May 2014 19:07
39:21.9N 23:06.1W
Oh what a panic. Tried to phone Jackie and I have a message from Falmouth Coastguard to confirm my safety. I phoned them to say that I was fine. Apparently my wife did not see any Spot messages and started putting the wheels in motion.
The last Spot she received was on the 15th. Very strange, as I send them daily at 1200 UTC.
I just sent one now to make sure. I'll leave it on for awhile to ensure it goes through.
Other than that everything is fine. I had a few days of strong winds, and from yesterday onwards I am on light winds or no wind at all. Had fun during the night and rolled the Genoa in to stop wear and tear. Fun with collision avoidance too, an APL gave me some room as he realized I was straggling with winds/no winds.
Having fun.