Cat and mouse

Basil Panakis
Sun 15 Jun 2014 10:37
36:51N 37:22W
It is a hell of a job to type. I tried to read what I sent yesterday and it looks funny with missing bits.
I have been listening to an audio book this morning. A friend promised some and he turned out with over 10.000 on 11 CDs. I am not used to this. I listened at the beginning quite a few but I gave up as it was too noisy. Waves bashing boat groaning etc. Last night when it was too dark to read I thought I try again. It was Voltaire's turn...last time I wrote an essay on him I was 15 years old.
This dawn there were some rain clouds just north of us. They looked lovely and I filmed them with the GoPro. When one started getting closer the wind picked up. I reduced sail, then again and then rolled the G fully in. I slowed the boat down so that it passed in front of us rather than get drenched. Zero viz under it. It is gone now and we are fully unrolled.
It should be mentioned that on the afternoon of my first day coming back, VENICE, a tanker was going west. I had my RTE on, then as I picked him up on the AIS alarm, switched on my AIS transponder and the VHF radio. To my surprise he called me up and asked whether everything was fine and whether I needed any help or assistance. That really surprised me, we had  a little chat and thanked him profusely.  The MMSI was 538002060, I don't know what nationality this is. I am becoming a bit of an anorak with MMSIs. I write down all I come across.
I did not bother to start the engine yesterday as the regulator showed Green. I draw very little now. I could not get a weather fax from Boston yesterday, ditto this morning. I'll try Northwood later though I am 500 NM west of the Azores still.
I promised myself I'll start today on the cake Jackie has baked for me. I was waiting for all bread to finish before I started on that. I still have digestives, Go aheads, chocolates etc.
Good thing Jackie I bought you a present in Plymouth from the same shop I bought you the amber back in 1997 at the end of the Fastnet Race. I had a long chat with the lady, she has been there for 25 years she told me.