Friday 20 June 2014

Basil Panakis
Fri 20 Jun 2014 08:32
37:58N 31:16W
The other day I was talking to Jackie who said that I write a lot. There is no pleasing, I was asked to write daily...Please continue, I don't understand all of it but it amuses me.
Now I had an email asking me who is the "we" in my blog? Am I hallucinating and have discovered another person onboard?
There is not enough space for a second person. Figure of speech. I must admit that I did not have the time to hallucinate, I have been busy. I finished the 4th book and now I am into reading manuals and  cocking up perfectly set up instruments.
I believe the bit that broke is part of the forestay end fitting where the threads are. So I will need a new forestay, whether they will put the furling gear on or not I do not know. I carry four hank on sails with me anyway.
The wind is light and fickle but does not propel me to my destination so I have to put a few gybes. It seems that it will take longer than the 4 days I estimated. You never know things change very quickly.
I was thinking about about my children when they were young. How attached they were and they would not think of being separated from their dad. On the way to Greece (2nd trip) we broke down on the autobahn and ADAC picked us up. We parked outside a garage out in the sticks. My wife and daughter went to B & B but my son  would not have it. He stayed with me in the car. The gasket had gone so the part had to be ordered from UK, picked it up from the airport etc The same with my daughter she will go and stay with her grandma and auntie and then phone me and complain as she did not have the freedom she was used to at home. 
How things have changed now. I cannot complain as I made them to be independent and self efficient. One is a Consultant Oncologist the other a super yacht skipper, or captain if this is his official title.