Sao Miguel

Basil Panakis
Wed 28 May 2014 13:14

I came in this morning to Porta Delgada for repairs to my ss bracket. Tom is coming in an hour´s time to have a look and may be sort out the water leak too.
Tom is the guy Anne has been praising.
From where I was it was a choice Praia or Porta Delgada. There was not much difference in distance but the number of the lesser tacks won the day, plus the wind shift. Initially I was planning for the eastern part of the island but as the wind veered I went for the western side.
Saw couple of whales and a lot of dolphins. I managed to film these with the gopro.
It was a glorious sail and after some thought I managed to to bring in the Vane first and then the rest without going overboard.