week 6

Basil Panakis
Tue 17 Jun 2014 10:18
37:32N 34:44W
I did not sleep much last night, a yacht was catching up on me and it took ages to overtake me. He had a steady course and his speed varied between 5 and 6 kt. He must have been motor sailing on autopilot so I could not to put my head down. I was doing barely 2 kt in 5 kt of wind. Same now, struggling.
I watched the SPOT acquire and send the position in less than 4 minutes from cold.
A gent from Bournemouth came over to buy one of my orchids when I was getting rid of them. He was obviously keen and we started talking about wines too, he would never buy a wine less than £40 per bottle. We are talking mid nineties prices. He turned out to be a banker. He bought the orchid. I know what I like about wines but even now I will not pay this sort of price.
Head on collision. Two nights ago, alarm woke me up, Range 7.2NM, SOG 13.4 kt heading straight for me and I am heading straight for him. Changed course to starboard by 60 degrees. All I could see was some white lights. I noticed on the screen that he changed his COG from 272 to 263. When I could see his two steaming lights I knew I was safe and reverted to my course. I called and asked him when did he pick me on his radar, 7NM. As good as my NASA AIS.
For lunch I had grated cabbage (fresh), with baby carrots (tin), an onion, Kalamata olives (the last ones) with olive oil and lemon. I put the whole lemon, vitamin C. I have three more of these. Andy was to have an eighth of a lemon a day! I just fancied a salad.
Apologies about the forecast analysis yesterday, it is the low over in Spain that is moving back west towards the Azores. The low behind will catch up with me sometimes. I have been in this high since Saturday, went up as high as 1030.2.
I did some yacht maintenance this morning, took the jubilee clip off the bilge pump put a double wire and put the gaiter on. Then fit it back in its right place. Replaced a magnetic door catch to the heads compartment. I took off the locker lid in the cockpit and sorted out the hinge screws, two cock ups there.