Senior moments

Basil Panakis
Fri 4 Jul 2014 10:12
42:30N 18:59W
I was in my bunk trying to remember names. Especially of the trip to Mexico, Guatemala and Belize,  and afterwards the reunions. That trip started as 2 weeks one with an extension. So most of the group returned home. Sunil and his partner...and it was here that I got lost. Elaine NO Eileen NO then it came to me Sue. Lovely girl she looked like an actress and I told her so. Chris the Matron, Anne the chemist, and another old lady that shared room with Anne, but as Anne did not like her we did not have many dealings with her. Dawn from Chesterfield. In San Pedro, Belize,  Sunil asked whether I could share the expenses of hiring a plane and I said yes. Brand new plane and the pilot/owner wanted to come too. Sue joined us too. Took plenty of photos of the keys. At the last reunion up at Doncaster we stayed at Sunil's place and the following day he took us flying in his syndicate's plane. Flew over Chesterfield and Humber bridge.
Eileen was the partner of the very rich Chinese accountant who was very very tall. This was from the Orchid tour in Thailand, the Thai girls used to come close to her hold her hand and have their photos taken. She was twice their size. We were like a travelling show.
Elaine is a girl from work (grandmother).
During the night while half asleep I heard a bang then another...the boat stopping and going. I got up to investigate...the wind had backed and instead of doing 60 we were on a course of 333 degrees. I said to myself it would not matter we can gain the CTE of 55 but then I thought why not ease the sails and keep on to the course, which I did. This was at 03.30 UTC, brains do not function properly when you are half asleep.