Week 9

Basil Panakis
Mon 7 Jul 2014 10:57
45:32N 14:41W
Weeks pass ever so quickly. We had rain again this morning, have been going more north than east but it has been remedied this now. I am expecting some north westerlies at some stage soon.
I find these ramblings a therapy, may be that's why Jackie asked me to do it. I forget all the problems of the day and week. Soon when we get to soundings I will have to curtail these as there is going to be a lot more shipping about, and that means I have to be up there on look out.
Fastnet 1997 was quite an entertaining one. JohnT, Collin, Helen the Vet, Susan the Barrister, Dave her friend, and a young lad from Brittania. We no longer had Hope and Glory, we switched over to Dufour 35s, Knight School was the one we had. We had also moved from Shamrock to Warsash. 
From what Colin told me recently it was a windy affair. On one of the qualifying races we were scheduled to go to St Malo, we had head winds and we were not going to make it. We had a pow wow and decided to call it a day, just north of Guernsey. I was outvoted and instead of going to Cherbourg we went into Alderney. While there I was going to eat yesterday's rice and Susan said you must not eat old cooked rice. I have been doing it all my life. That was the first time I heard of it.
In Plymouth I had one too many and I am on video too. >From Plymouth to Southampton Colin was to act as a skipper as part of his yachtmaster training. As we were coming out before the breakwater I cut the engine off, I just wanted to see his reaction and how he was going to set sails, navigate etc. He did fine. Mind you this created more fuss by the females as they thought I was mean. He took a watch and I took the other. He always kept an eye on me in case I did any other surprises. In the Solent I filled a bucket with sea water and kept it by the binnacle. Colin asked John why has he done that? John was not any wiser either.
My tradition was that when we went around the Rock we cracked a bottle of champagne some for the Gods and some for us. I always kept a second bottle for when we re-crossed the start line. So the water was to cool the Champagne. I had them!