Basil Panakis
Sat 21 Jun 2014 10:46
37:53N 30:20W
I did it the other way around today. I checked for emails first than started this.
Thank you Tony, you are quite right. Mine was easy to dismantle, no corrosion. Apparently they were one of the simplest and easiest to operate at the time. Quay Sail sold over five hundred during a Boat show at the time.
Progress is slow, now we are beating, the last thing I wanted, the wind is light but I should put back the third reef soon. We had everything during the night from heavy rain to dead calm. I stopped this and put the third reef in as the wind got up to 13 app and there are some dark clouds and rain ahead.
I do not want to motor for such a long time. I still have 90 odd miles and the cross track error is over 15 miles. Eventually I might have to succumb.
High maintenance girl friend. I have very vivid dreams. I had that one a few nights back. A film actress in Hollywood buying outfits at astronomical prices. She had the face of Bonham Carter but the body of Veronica Lake. Two nights ago it was the turn of Ann Friel, I think her first name is Ann. I don't remember much, last night it was a riot, a hell of a lot of females making a racket, jewels being kicked on the floor, canteens, shops...I don't think I was in it. The best I still remember was when I was approaching Terceira in 2012, I was asleep and there was a guy next to me, Norwegian by the name of Larsen  who kept on pushing me and disturbing my sleep. What is the matter with you Larsen I said and I woke up. Went on deck and there was Terceira all lit up, all her east side. It was 3.15 in the morning and about 23 M in distant and I was going straight for it. After 22 days at sea. I am always thankful to Larsen, whoever he was. The year before (2011) I met a young Norwegian in Argentina and and we spent 2/3 together. Went to adventure trails, to the restaurant in the square, cooked and drunk my wine, we put the  food together and pretended we were Floyds cooking with a glass of wine in hand. At the table we met two Canadian girls who told us amazing stories about wild canoeing in their far north wilderness. I think the place was Cafayette just before my next stop at Salta, and then on to San Pedro de Atacama over the Andes.
Sometimes I hear this humming noise that comes from the rigging but I hear it as if dervishes are dancing in a trance. I could hear it practically every night during the Azores Challenge, not so much now. I switch the music on, read, do some maintenance work. I hear people talking or calling me but again not that often.
I better put this down before I close for today. I keep the log book with times Lat Long etc, Then I keep a record of what I eat everyday. The third diary is the one with more detailed analysis of things as well as all the naughty saucy bits I cannot put hear!