Basil Panakis
Sun 13 Jul 2014 12:50
50:05N 3:53W
Tide turned and we are stack here for a while. It takes me from 28 hours to  42 hours to make Southampton-Plymouth. You have to start the right time with the right tide, as simple as that. Portland Bill and The Needles will be fun.
My dad must have had a harrowing time during the war in Turkey, though Turkey did not take part in it. He was sent to a concetration camp along with other minorities I would imagine. I know he escaped but not many details, he did not talk much about it. However it had a profound effect on his thoughts and behaviour. For example he would not allow my mother to go to a hospital to have me. Home birth it had to be, he had to be sure that one swapped the babies! So I was born at home. George was born at the German hospital and the youngest, Dimitris at the Greek Hospital at Baloukli. I don't ever remember them going to a hospital, even when my mother broke her ankle in a number of places she refused to go to the hospital. Through contacts we found a chiropractor/physiotherapist who specialized in fractures. I have friends who would not visit China because of Tibet, another one refuses to go to Japan. The latest, a colleague from work will not go to Turkey because of their policy to destroy anything of Armenian origin. They want to make sure nothing of Armenian heritage remains in Asia Minor so no one can claim  the Armenian lands. Paranoia par excellence.
I tell you about me becoming a bishop next time.