Basil Panakis
Sun 20 Jul 2014 13:34
This is now from home.

The wind generator came back to life all by itself. The resurrection of Lazarus.

This is a long story but I'll be brief. When I was 15, a dear school friend put the idea for us to go to a boarding school. I told my parents and my mother in particular latched to it. The boarding school was a theological college and despite the fact that my friend changed his mind and did not come my parents insisted that I went there. I was a bit too much of a rebel and not suited to that regime but it took 2 years for my mother to climb down and allow me to get out of there. There were some very good times as well as some not so good instances. The problem then was that the high schools in town will not accept me without some proof of studies which the College was not prepared to provide without a payment. I could see this as a conspiracy. The college would have me there but would not release me without a payment. My dad came to the rescue and forked out the £2000 for the two years I spent there. It was the treatment that I got from my Bishop headmaster that resent me to this day. He took the envelope with the money in it as if it was a soiled piece of rag with utter contempt. I got my own back, I was out of their clutches. No longer a potential Bishop. Mind you, two of my class mates later became bishops.