Lady Liv Web Diary 11 September 2007

Thu 20 Sep 2007 23:28
DIARY PAGE  11th SEPTEMBER 2007.                                                    PALEOKASTRO POSITION  36:29.04N   23:03.08E
Left Milos early morning (stupid o'clock) and by mid-afternoon we were really sailing !!  Bob had set up his fishing line earlier in the afternoon, and just after 1600hrs he had a bite !!!  Unfortunately, he was no where near it, and after much shouting from Stu the line was running out like crazy, and by the time Bob got to it and took it out of the harness, the rod snapped clean in half .... oh dear, another one that got away ??!   When we reached Neapolis the following day, the man in the fishing tackle shop said that it was probably a tuna ....  We were making for the island of Kithera which was to be our last island before touching the mainland of the Peloponnese, but with the wind rising to force 6 and the engine playing up, along with darkness falling, Stu did a nifty bit of sailing into the tiny, windy harbour in the dark only to find that it wasn't possible to moor there - so at 22.30 we were off again !!  We headed north towards the mainland, another nine miles on.    After quite an eventful trip, we found another tiny harbour with a bit more shelter, at just gone 0100, we moored alongside and opened the bar !