Web Diary Page 22nd September 2007

Sun 7 Oct 2007 21:42
LADY LIV DIARY PAGE 22 SEPTEMBER 2007                                    POROS POSITION 38:08.80N   20:46.79E
Spent morning shopping (Luce, Rich & Elaine), and at internet cafe trying to download decent weather reports and send web diary pages (haha) - Bob & M -  took taxi up to Melissani to visit the caves, and were treated to a boat trip on an underground lake with a hole in the roof by Luce & Rich.   Fascinating stalactites, amazing rock formations and vibrant blue water all experienced in a very short boat trip !   Left Sami at lunchtime, Bob tried to recalibrate the log (speed recorder) by sailing up and down the bay for three miles - but failed miserably, much to everyones amusement ...  Anchored in Poros harbour this time, without grounding, and enjoyed an early birthday celebration supper for the Captain on the waterfront.